Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wanderlei Silva Interview

Wanderlei Silva had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro.

- Congratulation! You could finally win in the UFC.
- You defeated Keith Jardine. Tell me what you think.
I'm very happy. I could have an ideal fight like I always had in Japan. Wanderlei Silva is back!
- I had an interview with you before the fight. You told me you shaved your hair to remember your performance in Japan.
Yes. I'm glad I shaved because I could win. I knew my fans in the US expected to see the fights I had in Japan. I shaved and remembered my fighting style I had in Japan, a wild Wanderlei.
- You had lost 3 times in row, Chuck Liddell in the UFC, Dan Henderson and Mirko Crocop in PRIDE.
I had so much pressure in last 3 months. I couldn't lose this fight no matter what. I wondered if I couldn't win forever. This is the way fighters feel even if they had many victories in their past. Fighters are always facing their fear and anxiety everyday. To overcome from these, I train very hard and get confidence. I'm sure fighters are required to have a stable physical and mental condition to win.
- You had both, so you could win?
It's hard to say, my condition was perfect. I moved well and had good punches in the standing position. In addition, my teammates researched about my opponent thoroughly and made an effective game plan for me. That's why I could win.
- Where do you fight in the US?
I go a couple of different gyms. I mainly go to Xtreme Couture for striking trainings and Jujitsu. I do a physical training at MMA conditioning.
- I have never heard of MMA Conditioning.
Many fighters train there. Kazuhiro Nakamura asked me a location and told him recently. I sometimes fly to Florida and Brazil. I'm very blessed with a training environment.
- Your last fight must be an unforgettable.
Yes. I'm very happy now. That fight was the best in last 2 years. Probably I can count that as one of 5 best bouts in my life. I remember who I was and got a confidence.
- In Japan, Sakuraba will face a competitive fighter in June.
Don't worry. He is a great champion and will defeat his opponent as he did in the past, if he trained hard. He always believes in himself even when he has hard time. He knows that he can come back, so he trains hard like me. Otherwise, he won't come to Brazil and train with us.