Monday, June 9, 2008

SENGOKU 3: Post fight interview 2

** Nick Thompson **
I'm satisfied with 1R. I could take his arm and I worked efficiently on the ground. I noticed he changed his game plan in 2R. I'm satisfied and was lucky for sure. I have never fought such a tremendous fighter like him before. He is bigger than other fighters as well as quick and strong. I had sparred with him before and was beaten thoroughly. I remember that I wished I never spar him again. I work hard to get a title in Sengoku.

** Michael Costa **
Nick was a great fighter. I did my best as a representative of Chute Boxe. I didn't have enough endurance. The reason why I lost my stamina was that I was very aggressive to have an exciting fight. I'm satisfied with the detail of my fight. If I have an opportunity to fight in SENGOKU again, I will have a KO victory.

** Logan Clark **
I'm satisfied overall. I realized what I needed to improve through my fight. I should have been aggressive with paying attention to his kick. I almost got a take-down by throwing my right punch. I didn't have good combination of my move and couldn't finish at that moment. He had hard punches and was a good grasper. I have never taken any punches like I had today in my life. I would like to fight in Japan again.

** Travis Wiuff **
I wasn't expected that ending actually. I was the one who was the most surprised to see the way our fight was over in the arena. Fujita was a very tough wrestler and I had imagined that I would win by decision at the end. I prepared well and had a confidence to win. I was lucky today.

** Hidehiko Yoshida **
I was surprised to see he was a southpaw in the beginning because he was an orthodox in his fight videos. Silva escaped when I tried the same submission, neck crank. I'm glad to submit him that time because I definitely wasted my stamina if I missed that timing and couldn't submit in a right spot. My new gi fit well. I was in a good condition and had a confidence to win. This is my first victory in last 2 years. I'm relieved. To be honest, I was going to end my MMA career if I lost today. I didn't see any point keep fighting if I couldn't win no matter how hard I trained. I wanted fans enjoy more by showing more active and aggressive fight. Although, I wanted to win very badly today and didn't want to miss any chance.

** Maurice Smith **
This fight result was similar to my fight with Mark Coleman. I felt like being pushed my body more than chocked my neck. I'm very disappointed to this result. It's hard to fight a fighter who wears gi. Gi prevented me from moving smoothly. I don't' think my age affected to my loss tonight. I'm 47 years old and don't feel any crucial damage to my body by fighting in MMA. I think I had a same result even if we fought 10 years ago. The reason why I lost tonight is that he had great techniques.

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