Monday, June 30, 2008

Aoki interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Shinya Aoki on June 28. This interview was taken place on June 16.

- I congratulate you on moving to the final round. What did you think about your fight?
I'm glad I didn't get any damages because I couldn't even walk after fighting Calvan. It has been quite a while since I had a fight without any injury last time. I liked the audience a lot in Yokohama as well.
- You hadn't fought in Yokohama Arena since PRIDE Bushido 13 in November, 2006.
I like this arena because I feel a certain togetherness between fighters and fans; in addition, the arena was full. I think DREAM.4 was successful because fights were mostly exciting. I saw Tokoro's fight on TV. He showed all he had, and fans seemed to be very satisfied seeing their fight.
- I agree. The crowd cheered him a lot.
He was very aggressive. It was funny to see that he voluntarily took a guard position and put himself in a bad situation. He has guts and I respect that.
- You defeated by foot choke.
Yes. When he clinched, I found out he was cautious about being ko; therefore, I submitted. That submission tighten the throat very badly and I guess he had hard time as a hell.
- You finished as you declared before the fight.
That's right; although, I didn't have time to enjoy my victory because my next fight was announced within an hour after my fight ended. I think fighting Uno will be a great experience to improve myself. I'm truly happy to fight him and I'm very appreciative of him.
- What do you think about Uno?
He is a pioneer. He has many remarkable fights. When he fought Ricardo Botelho in SHOOTO, he elbowed his thigh in a guard position and koed him by pounding. He koed Rumina Sato and fought 5 rounds with BJ Penn. I'm excited to fight such a well-rounded and experienced fighter.
- Did you watch his fights in SHOOTO as a fan?
Yes. He was my idol. He had a big upset when he fought Rumina and he defeated him again in the rematch, and then he had fights in the UFC. I respect him totally and I cannot wait fighting him. My next fight means a lot and I will learn a lot from him.
- In the conference, you said Uno was cool.
He is very fashionable. Is he 33 years old?
- Yes.
He is a lot older than me then.
- Mach and Akiyama are the same as Uno, too.
I don't have many fighters in my age. Probably Calvan and Eddy Alvarez are the same.
- Wow, many great fighters are in your age.
I heard Alvarez had a kid; also Uno has a kid and Nagata is getting married. They must have a responsibility to their families; on the other hand, I have no responsibility to someone else. This is my strength, I think.
- You said you would like to represent DREAM.
Yes. I'm irresponsible and that's why I say anything which comes up to my mind.
- I expect to see you have a great fight in July.
I do my best and thanks for having an interview with me.

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