Friday, June 27, 2008

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I defeated Nagata without any injuries. I'm sorry that I was very intense since I was stressed out more than usual before that fight. I would like to write about the last DREAM event this time.

The most impressive fighter was Uenoyama. He is a young guy who holds a Jujitsu brown belt from Ralph Gracie Academy, which is famous about having very high standard to pass a test for a belt. He was very skillful as I expected. In a party we had after the event, he was asking other fighters to take pics together. He was very nice guy and not noticeable. I knew that was him after taking a pic with him. Both Ralph Gracie and Cesar Gracie Academy brought up many strong MMA fighters such as Nick Diaz, Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez. I want to know how they can do this.

After the fight, I went to a sushi restaurant near my hotel. I saw other fighters there, like Alistair, Kin and Nagata as well. I was kinda uncomfortable seeing Nagata.

The top fighters I consider are all in the U.S. now. I want to defeat them and I believe I can do it. I have confidence becoming a No.1 fighter. I will be a top fighter with my techniques and in my way.

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