Saturday, June 28, 2008

Gono's previous job

Gono updated his blog and talked about what he did before becoming a professional MMA fighter.

I mentioned about a job I did before I became a pro. I belonged to a delivery company of a local vegetables market. I went to the market in the early morning, lifted vegetables on a truck by a forklift and delivered to supermarkets. I started this job on the day after getting my driver's license, so the first car I drove was a 3.5 ton truck. I was scared in the beginning and drove with shaky hands. I am such a hard worker for anything, that I practiced driving and parking at night.  as a result, I got used to it quickly.  I picked up my girlfriend and we delivered together, picking up my towed bike and so on. I'm a delicate driver with many experiences; thus, nobody feels unsafe in my car.

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rainrider said...

Delivery jobs are for shy guys who don't like working among people. I heard Caol Uno was waiting tables at a fashionable coffee shop before he became Shoot champ.