Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fedor Interview with Kamipro

Fedor Emelianenko had an interview with the Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro.

- We haven't seen each other for a while. I'm glad to see you again.
I'm sorry that it took a while to make time for you, but I was in intensive training for my next fight in July.
- Your next fight is in Affliction on July 19. Tell me what you think.
I have busy and useful days now. I have concentrated more in my training since my fight was announced.
- I heard many fans gathered at the press conference of Affliction in LA and NY last month.
Yes. Many fans came by. I was encouraged by them and my fighting spirit was raised.
- How do you like Affliction?
Affliction sponsors MMA events with M-1 Global together. I'm excited to create a new event together.
- Your opponent, Tim Sylvia, was defeated by Minotauro in the UFC last Feb. Did you see their fight?
I don't have time to watch their fight now. I will let you know my opinion when I watch it.
- What do you think about Sylvia?
He is a very strong and good fighter. He won 5 times in the championship on the UFC and he is 4th position in the world ranking. I'm proud to fight him.
- Sylvia said that you were too small to fight him.  What do you think?
I defeated a fighter who was a lot bigger than him, so I don't think it's too hard to fight a big fighter.
- Tell me your fighting schedule.
I train with fighters who participate a M-1 Global event on Jun 27 now. I train 2.5 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening everyday.
- What kind of training do you do?
It's a secret.
- Ok. The brother of Minotouro, Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, fights in Affliction. Do you think we can see a rematch of you and Minotouro someday?
I defeated him twice and I don't think it's necessary; although, I will be positive to fight him again if fans want to see.
- Minotouro is the UFC champion now. You are not attracted to defeat the UFC champion?
Not really. I have fought 2 UFC champions before and won.
- You talk about Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman.
I have no reason to refuse a fight with another champion, yet I want to defeat the strongest fighter. It's also important for me to see that M-1 Global is the top MMA event in the world.


rainrider said...

I don't understand why they keep asking Fedor about the guy who has already left for the UFC. I think more anticipated match up by both Japanese media and fans is Fedor VS Josh Burnett.

hugo said...

credit to fedor for always speaking his mind, while presenting his thoughts diplomatically. why should he fight minotauro again? i mean, i'd watch it, because i like both fighters and i admire minotauro for still LIVING after the first fight but fedor has nothing to prove to A"mt"RN at this point. MAYBE if he wins his next few fights in the ufc it'd make a little more sense.

Stephen said...

I don't understand why ppl want to see Fedor fight Barnett. Barnett has no chance of beating Fedor. What does Barnett have that fighters that Fedor fought didn't have. I mean, Fedor dealt with massive size advantage in Semmy, Hong Man, and soon Sylvia. He dealt with submission artists better than Barnett in Minotauro and Arona. Better pure wrestlers in Randleman and Coleman. He outstruck a better striker in Crocop. Barnett has nothing to offer in Fedor. Why can't we just crown him as the best fighter alive and leave it at that.

hugo said...

i don't like barnett, and my dislike stems soley from his seemingly smug personality, but i give him credit for one thing: marketing himself. because of his personality he managed to sell himself as a lucrative character much better than a lot of other heavyweights. in my opinion, organisations such as pride (in their day) realised the public (at least japanese) liked him and that he filled seats. again, IMO, that favour won him certain suspect calls. his match vs. pawel nastula comes to mind. it's been awhile but i remember him getting stood up totally prematurely when nastula had the advantage. he later went on to win. his fight in the open weight GP when he beat noguiera in a very questionable decision and then lost to mirko is another eg. fedor doesn't really need to create a personality cult for himself because his skills speak for themselves. more to post later. now must sleep.

Anonymous said...

Where is this fight at?

rainrider said...

> Barnett has no chance of beating Fedor.

Who knows? Everyone has his own weakness and strength. I believe that Nogueira was a better fighter than anyone in HW (still good enough to beat Silvia!!), but he lacked of "SPEED" to catch Fedor. Barnett is a lot quicker on feet and won't get taken down easily. That's why he could defeat more skilled Monson. However, he doesn't have the patience to perform tight defense when it's necessary. I think he's bit like Forrest Gump if you know what I mean.

> in my opinion, organisations such as pride (in their day) realised the public (at least japanese) liked him and that he filled seats. again, IMO, that favour won him certain suspect calls.

Yes. Every promotion shows favorism towards certain fighters.
Even Shooto is not an exception. Barnett VS Fedor is only possible inside Japan unless AOW comes up with 2 millions.

.........I hope Suki doesn't mind our chatting.

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