Monday, June 2, 2008

Hideo Tokoro Interview

DREAM official website posted an interview with Hideo Tokoro which took place on May 28.

- You fight in DREAM 4. Tell me what you think.
I just do my best.
- Did you watch DREAM?
Yes. I watched 1st and 3rd events live and 2ND event on TV. I felt DREAM was like PRIDE pretty much by seeing a ring call woman who rolls her R's and the referees.
- DREAM is different from HERO'S?
Yes. DREAM is not my home ground and totally different. I feel strange because HERO'S disappeared without any announcement.
- In the press conference today, Sasahara said you are a symbol of HERO'S.
I don't think so. I fought in HERO'S frequently.
- Tell me the most impressive fight in last 3 years.
I don't have anything particular. I remember everything including fights with Uno, Mamba, Tamura, Royce Gracie etc.
- How did you like HERO'S?
Needless to say HERO'S had many strong fighters, that ring was very comfy for me. I grew up in HERO'S. HERO'S gave me chance to be famous, see many great fighters and built my MMA career. I wish I could do better now.
- Do you regret?
Yes. I guess I could be better if I worked harder at that time.
- Now you start in the new event.
I have to prove myself to gain opportunities to fight continually.
- You said DREAM has PRIDE atmosphere. Do you feel like your next fight is an away fight?
Well, I know some people but have a lot of things I don't know. I don't think an away fight but ... gray.
- You were a second of Shoji in DREAM.3.
It was terrific to see my teammate got applause in that ring.
- Did you give him good advice?
Not really. Shoji said, "Did you say anything?" He couldn't hear anything from me.
- Do you know anything about Darren Uyenoyama?
No. Nothing.
- You worked for DEEP when he fought 6 years ago.
Yes. It was 6 years ago and I don't remember
- I heard He was good on ground.
I'm strong if I take a good position. Fighters in DREAM are strong and I do my best.
- What kind fight do you want to have?
I have no idea. I don't have any room to think about what I want to show.
- Why did you decide to fight in the feather weight class? You were in HERO'S middle weight class( Under 70 kg).
I don't know why. When I fought Tamura on NYE, I felt a difference between our weight. I was 65 kg in ZST. I felt OK fighting in HERO'S because I had confidence improving myself among strong fighters. However, I faced a reality that I couldn't win and started to think about moving down a weight class.
- Do you think you can do better in the feather weight class which is close to your real weight?
I have no confidence. I doubt if I can prove myself or not. I hope I can.
- KID Yamamoto will fight in the same class.
He is very strong. He won't let me defeat him easily. I want to fight him to be honest. I realize I don't have much experience to challenge him.
- Do you want a belt?
Yes. I'm always amazed to see my teammate own his belt.
- Your next fight will be a very important for your future.
I understand that I cannot lose my next fight. Losing means withdraw from the front line. I fight to win.

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