Monday, June 30, 2008

Kid Yamamoto attended Fight Festival by FEG

Kid Yamamoto showed up in an event, Fight Festival, at Akasaka Sacas on June 30. In this event, fighters who belong to KRAZY BEE showed sparring in public. At the end of performances, Kid and his son had a wrestling match.

I cannot wait to fight Joseph Benavidez. I don't know anything about him, but I guess he must be good because he belongs to a gym who has many top fighters. I will have a clear victory by KO.

(He was asked about Tokoro) I was disappointed to see his performance in DREAM. 4, and I wish he could do better. My son will defeat him before he gets a chance to fight me, so DREAM should arrange a fight for them. My condition is very good and I'm even ready to fight now! Jujitsu trainers in my gym showed me how exciting Jujitsu is. I used to focused on striking and wrestling techniques in the most of my time; although, I train Jujitsu as much as other techniques. I'm learning positioning and sweeping now with wearing Gi and a white belt. I'm a beginner, but I may use what I learned in my next fight.


Stephen said...

Wow! Kid doesn't like to give credit where credit is due. Tokoro fight was really good and he showed great techniques. I hope this arrogant attitude ends up biting him in the ass later on.

rainrider said...

"Aoki sucks. It's no use having a rematch with JZ 'cause he'll get his ass kicked again" (Yamamoto's comment on Shinya Aoki)