Sunday, June 8, 2008

SENGOKU holds the light weight tournament

SENGOKU announced to start its light weight tournament in SENGOKU 4. This tournament contains 8 fighters and 1 R is on Aug 24 in Saitama Super Arena. Semi Final and final will be taken place in Oct or Nov. The winner of this tournament will automatically gain an opportunity to fight Takanori Gomi on NYE or in the first event in 2009. Duane Ludwig, Rodrigo Damm, Satoru Kitaoka, Eiji Mitsuoka and Kazunori Yokota will participate in this tournament.

Takanori Gomi:
I train hard and will prepare for my next fight. My fight will make SENGOKU an exciting event as well as the UFC.

SENGOKU also announced the participation of Frank Trigg, Zurab Zviadauri, Ramaz Nozadze, Eldari Kurtanidze and Georgi Gogchilidze.

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Stephen said...

I hope Rodrigo Damm really gets a shot at Gomi. He's realy deserves it. Such a respectable guy. Plus, Gomi really needs to test his ground game. His wrestling is good but he needs more practice on the ground to get ready against BJ Penn.