Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Gegard Mousasi Interview with DREAM

Dream official website posted an interview with Gegard Mousasi. This interview was taken place on June 16.

- Congratulation. Now you move on to the final round. How was your fight?
I think I could finish him earlier if I was particular about a standing position. I didn't because I wanted to show my ground ability; therefore, I had a fight like last night. I believe Yoon got my knee once, yet he was tough and recovered very quick. He was a strong fighter and I was disappointed that our fight was decided by judges; consequently I'm glad to win.
- Why didn't you keep the standing position?
I punched him as much as my hands were swollen in the first 5 min. He resisted and I gave up. I'm impressed to see Judo fighter's patience.
- What kind of impression did you have to Yoon?
First of all, his endurance was amazing. His arm bar was unbelievable and his take down was also good. I trained not to be taken down and how to control after being taken down, so I could fight without being afraid of taking it. I can say I was better all round fighter than him.
- How do do you prepare for the final round?
I need a rest for a week, then I will start training gradually. I'm going to train with Fedor within 2 weeks from now in Russia. I will stay there for 2 weeks and review what I learn from him when I come back to the Netherlands.
- With Fedor?
I just join in his training for Tim Silvia fight, at Affliction in Russia.
- Do you go there as his sparring partner?
I wish. I think I will learn more than he does from me.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
I have 2 fights per day. To have a good result, it's more important for me to fight someone who I feel comfortable with his style. I prefer fighting someone standing style fighter; for example, Melvin. He is getting an attention now in my country. I'm anonymous and I will be famous if I defeat him!
- What do you think about the fight of Sakuraba vs Melvin?
I personally wanted Sakuraba win; although, I had a hunch Melvin win. I think Sakuraba looked tired because of his age. I think he is not as the same as he was 2 years ago.
- Tell me your enthusiasm about your next fight.
I do my best. I think I should fight in my opponent's strong style if I want to win. If I fight Melvin, I will fight in the standing position. I will prepare and make a fight plan wisely. I pray for God to give me good luck. I definitely win this tournament. After defending the title couple of times, I would like to challenge to the light heavy weight and heavy weight.

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