Friday, June 13, 2008

DREAM.4: Pre fight interview

** Sakuraba **
- 2 days before DREAM.4. How do you feel now?
Nothing really.
- Manhoef said that he dreamed about fighting you.
That's nothing exciting to hear.
- There are many fighters who want to fight you.
I would like to say, "Please have a heart. They just want to take a big bite". I won't complain if I'm in my 20's. I'm almost 40 years old and fighting someone who's getting famous quick is hard for me. On the other hand, I have an abundance of opponents.
- What do you think about Manhoef?
He is fast. I think he throws 10 punches per contact. I think that is a typical Chute Boxe style. I remember Vitor had the same style.
- How do you handle his offense?
He cannot keep throwing 100 and more punches all the time. I got to see through his limit if I fight him.
- You think you can shut him down?
It's hard to say because I have never fought him before. I saw his recent fight videos and found out he KOed his opponents on the ground. I cannot predict what happens and he may even try to submit from the bottom. I should consider him an all round player if I fight him.
- Any message to your fans?
How many fights is DREAM.4 supposed to have?
- 8 fights.
Ok, then have fun watching 7 fights in DREAM.4 on Jun 15.

** Melvin Manhoef **
I'm in a very good condition. I fully prepared for this fight. I knew it's legal to knee my opponent on the ground right before my fight started last time. In my fight I could knee my opponent effectively. Sakuraba is one of legend fighters. I have a dream to get a title as well as to fight Sakuraba. One of my dreams comes true soon. I respect him because his ground techniques are brilliant and he is very experienced. I'm going to defeat him in his home, Japan. I understand he has an advantage, however, I prepared for a ground fight and do my best to KO him. I will be final 4. Please look forward to seeing our fight.

** Katsuhiko Nagata **
I cannot wait for fighting in DREAM. After my last fight, I thought I could fight here again. Iwas concerned about how I win and the details of my fight. I could get confidence through my fight against a champion, Umakhanov. I regret being passive to KO or submit him. My last fight definitely didn't attract fans. Aoki has an opposite fight style to Umakhanov. I couldn't find a fighter like Aoki in my gym for my preparation. I will be aggressive and keep my fighting pace. My partner is in full charge of our wedding. I want to win because it's cool I get married after winning. Both of us used to be police officers and I would like to have a clean fight.

** Shinya Aoki **
I'm calm as usual now. I'm getting ready for my fight and an adjustment of my weight is also going well. I felt I finished something big after fighting J.Z. Calvan. But, nothing changed and I couldn't change anything. Doesn't matter if I feel comfortable fighting Nagata or not. I just do what I can do. I will be aggressive and have an exciting fight for fans. I want to smile after my fight even if I lose. I don't feel like fighting in the tournament. Every fight is one match.

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