Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Uno attended to a talk event

Caol Uno and Yujin Okami attended an event of CAGE FORCE in Tokyo on Jun 09.

I had felt so much pressure in that fight. What did I worry about the most? I was concerned about an injury on my chin. My opponent was a strong fighter. I was going to do my best not to regret after the event if I lost. I don't really remember how I finished him. I train that kind of movement a lot and I responded without thinking. I don't know my opponent on July 21 yet. I will have more exciting fight than my last fight.

Ishida is one of top fighters who is a very tough and persistent fighter. It was amazing for me to see how Uno defeated him.


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Andrew Gladstone "Metal and MMA Junkie" said...

I agree with Okami on the subject of Ishida vs. Uno. It was great to see Uno come back with a great win and defeat Ishida. Hopefully Uno's chin will get better.