Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Melvin Manhoef Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted an interview with Melvin Manhoef on Jun 25. This interview was took place on Jun 16.

- Tell me what do you think now.
I feel excellent because I won and move on to the final round.

- You looked kinda nervous right after the fight ended.
The fight was actually over within 1 minute and half while I had prepared to fight for 15 minutes. I was at a loss right after the fight. To be honest, I didn't know what happened. I was proud of myself for beating Sakuraba. I respected him before and from now on. I was impressed to see what I did. I want to be a legend fighter like him someday.
- Do you think you get closer to be a legend?
It's long way to be. I shouldn't be too confident of myself.
- What did you think about Sakuraba?
He was a great fighter. I wonder if he was not in a good condition. I understand Japanese fans were disappointed to see his loss; even so I did what I had to do. I didn't miss a chance. My game plan was to kick and throw punches at the same time he lost his balance.
- The last pound was powerful.
I had never pounded like that hard before. He is a very cleaver fighter and flexible to adjust himself to my fighting style, and so I focused on finishing him quickly. I shouldn't give him any time if I wanted to win.
- You have 3 months before the final round. Tell me your training schedule.
I will start my training as soon as I went back to the Netherlands. I go to the American Top Team and train with JZ Calvan and Denis Kang for 2 months; subsequently, I condition with my trainer and spar with Badr Hari. I will come back to Japan in my perfect condition.
- Who do you want to fight in the final round?
- Gegard Mousasi said he wanted to fight you.
I heard that. As I said before, I fight him anytime. I have fought many fighters before including someone who is heavier than me; thus, I don't hesitate fighting anybody. I advise him to just wait until September since I don't go anywhere.
- Tell me your enthusiasm to the final round.
I'm sure I will be a champion. I changed my life to be a champion. I become a champion and revenge Akiyama.

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