Sunday, July 6, 2008

Coca-Cola may start to sponsor MMA fighters?

Hiroyuki Owatari, who works for DENTSU which is a major ad agency in Japan, fights in K-1 World Max 2008 on July 7. He belongs to Seido Kaikan and passed a test of K-1 tryout in March. He told about being sponsored by Coca-Cola and showed his trunks with a logo of "Real Gold" which is an energy drink sold by Coca-Cola in Japan.

Coca-cola had never sponsored any sports including violent activities and gambling. When he talked about his K-1 debut to his client, Coca-Cola, they were interested.  They contacted to their headquarters in Atlanta and got a permission to sponsor him. This will be a test case.

Owatari said, "Since my client supports me, I cannot lose now."


asdsa said...

How often do K-1 tryouts occur in Japan?

Suki said...

I think K-1 tryout was started last year. 2 events were hold so far (Aug 2007 and Mar 2008.)