Sunday, July 20, 2008

DREAM.5: Pre fight interview 3

DREAM official website posted interviews of fighters who fight in DREAM.5.
*** Katsuyori Shibata ***
I'm very relaxed and ready to fight. This is an important fight in my life. (Akiyama seems to being very optimistic.) I don't mind how he considers about me. I'm the one who wins. Funaki didn't give me much technical advices. He believes my ability and my victory. I don't have any good impression to Akiyama actually. I think he has a lot of confidence to win and believe his abilities. I suppose everybody don't even think about I have a chance to win. I admit he is at an advantage, but we will see what happens. I imagine I can win. I have no game plan. I believe myself and follow my instinct to win.

*** Yoshihiro Akiyama ***
I'm glad to fight in Osaka and I cannot wait fighting because I haven't fought for a while. My condition is fine. I saw Shibata's fight video. I cannot analyze him by watching one fight; although, I think he is very aggressive and his straight punch is very good. I didn't have any special training for this fight. I trained to improve myself and to raise my potential. I have no idea what happens in our fight, yet I don't think our fight will end by decision. Shibata is showing his fighting spirit a lot. I don't think I relax too much. I felt blue when I heard about KID. He had a very important role in this event. I'm so disappointed because I wanted to see his fight like other fans. I'm excited to show my performance to my fans in Japan and Korea who have been looking forward patiently to seeing me.

*** Black Mamba ***
My condition is 100%. I'm glad that our fight is designated as a reserved fight. Our fight will be as fantastic as fireworks. I'm not satisfied with a decision judges made in my fight with Kawajiri. Although, I cannot change that decision now. Kawajiri obviously took damages more than I got. Hansen is very tough and one of the world top fighters. I prepare well for this fight. This is a war. I learned what improvement I needed by fighting Kawajiri. We cannot predict what happens in the tournament; therefore, I think one of us still have a possibility to fight in the final. I guarantee our fight will be the best bout in DREAM.

*** Joachim Hansen ***
My condition is good. I'm very glad to fight in a reserved match. My opponent is a very tough fighter. I was impressed to see his strength by watching his previous fight. I have to be cautious of his kicks and long reaches. I don't know how our fight develops; although, I have some tricks I want to use. MMA fights never go as we expect. I'm not thinking about a possibility to fight in the final. I focus on defeating him. I suppose this fight will be the hardest fight for him.

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