Sunday, July 20, 2008

DREAM: pre fight interview 4

DREAM official website posted interviews of fighters who fight in DREAM.5.

** Eddie Alvarez **
I'm very excited to fight in the final round. I have mixed feelings: I'm nervous at the same time I'm excited. I train hard for this day and would like to give my best. My condition is just great as usual and I have no injuries. Kawajiri is a big and strong wrestler. All fighters who remain in this tournament are strong for sure. I do my best to have a great fight. I prepare for this fight by analyzing his strength and weakness. The most important thing is to show everything I have. He is a big fighter in our weight class. Smaller fighters may sometimes be intimidated by seeing his body. I'm as big as him and won't be threaten by his appearance and muscles. I have no problem fighting twice because I have good endurance. I think Uno will win by decision. Even Aoki, who submitted many fighters before, cannot submit an experienced fighter like Uno. I have prepared for my fight with Uno as well. I'm going to prove that I'm the most hungry fighter among finalists. This is the biggest time in my MMA career. I want to be a well-known fighter by wining this tournament.

** Tatsuya Kawajiri **
I'm nervous as well as excited. I'm sick of thinking about fighting 2 times a day; although, I train enough to fight twice. All I have to do is to adjust my mental condition. Alvarez is a fighter who I wanted to fight since I participated in DREAM. I think we have many similar things; aggressiveness, reaches, heights and orthodox stance. This will be a good fight. (Who do you think win, Uno or Aoki?) I think a stronger fighter win. I have no idea and I only think about my next fight. If I defeat Alvarez, I keep up my enthusiasm and I will win this tournament. I want to be the first lightweight champion of DREAM. I do my best, so that I celebrate my victory with my fans,

** Shinya Aoki **
I'm very honor to fight in the tournament. My condition is not bad and I don't worry about anything. Uno is a very strong fighter and I have to be careful about so many things. I trained as usual. I'm confident that our fight will be a very aggressive and good fight. (Who do you think win, Alvarez or Kawajiri?) I don't know and I'm not in a position forecasting that. I focus on my fight with Uno. (You told that you were interested in conquering 2 classes.) Well, I meant I like to keep challenging to different things. I'm not thinking about a belt and other things. I cannot wait fighting Uno. Please come to see our event. This is my 4th participation in DREAM, and I guarantee that you see exciting fights.

** Caol Uno **
I cannot wait fighting Aoki. I'm a little bit nervous, but I'm excited mostly. My next fight is a part of the tournament, but I feel like fighting in one match. I'm in the best condition and try to keep this good condition until the last minute. Aoki is a very good grappler and I shouldn't be dragged into his pace. I will win by pulling all my techniques out no matter how our fight develops. Needless to say that I don't want to lose, I'm looking forward to fighting a young fighter. I suppose he will see my experiences in our fight. (Who do you think win, Alvarez or Kawajiri?) I don't know. I can move on to the next fight only if I defeat Aoki. I try not to think about other than Aoki. I want to have an enjoyable yet great fight.

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