Monday, July 21, 2008

DREAM.5: Post fight interview 2

** Caol Uno **
- How was your fight?
I wish I could win. I deeply regret that I was dragged into Aoki's pace.
- You were crying before the fight. Why?
I don't want to tell the reason. I was very emotional.
- Did you think about giving up during the fight?
Yes, a couple of time actually. I didn't give up, for I remember about my fans and a word from Moriyama, "A chance will come if I keep moving and avoid being submitted. "
- What do you think about a young fighter?
I admit he was strong.

** Tatsuya Kawajiri **
- How was your fight?
I'm not satisfied with my performance even though I did everything I could do. I let chances to win slip through my fingers because I couldn't do what I have to do. I lost because I was off my guard when I see a chance. That's why I'm not a top fighter now.
- What did you think about your opponent?
I had chances to win. I was attacked in the stand and got many punches and was pushed to the rope. I leaned what I'm lacking and what I need to improve to be a top fighter in this tournament.
- What do you think about your next fight?
I have no idea. I don't even know if I can fight in DREAM again even. I will take a break and start working on my weaknesses. I won't be come back before improving myself.
** Eddie Alvarez **
I'm disappointed that I couldn't fight in the final due to Dr. stop. I want to challenge Joachim for a title as soon as I recover from my injury.

** Shinya Aoki **
- How was your fight?
I lost. I accept this result and work on to be a better fighter.
- I think you were trying to do something before you were pounded.
I was so tired that I couldn't move as quick as I wanted.
- Tell me what you think about Uno.
I reconfirmed that he was a great fighter. I put everything I had in the semi final, and the final fight was something extra. My legs and my body were so sore after the fight with Uno. I had never said anything bad about Uno. I knew how good he was.
- You had fought Hansen before. How was your fight with him tonight?
I was so tired after 1R in the fight with Uno that I wanted to go home. I put everything I had in the semi final and didn't have any energy left for the final.
- Do you think you want to participate in the tournament?
I have no choice.
- How much could you recover physically and mentally before the final?
I was tired physically. This is not the reason why I lost. Everybody fought in the same condition. Hansen was a great fighter. I don't know about my mental condition. I think I adjusted and I ware ready for the final mentally.

** Joachim Hansen **
- You won this tournament.
Frankly speaking, I feel very strange. I came here to fight Black Mamba. I wasn't thinking about anything except fighting Mamba. I'm very happy.
- You didn't think about getting a chance to fight in the final?
My goal was to fight in the final when this tournament was started, but my dream was destroyed by being defeated by Alvarez. I knew I had a chance to fight in the final since my fight with Mamba was designated as a reserved match.
- What did you think when you knew you fought in the final.
I completely relaxed and was talking about which fighters would win this tournament with my teammates. When I was told I have one more fight, I reset and adjusted myself for my fight.
- You were defeated by Aoki once.
I followed advices which my trainer gave me, and everything went well. Aoki kicked me from the bottom when I was in the mount position. His kicks were very effective and I concentrated to find an unguarded moment. I caught him napping and won by throwing a good punch.


Stephen said...

I'm sad that I won't see Kawajiri fight for a long time. Hopefully he'll come back better than ever and avenge his loss. It was a great fight and Eddie deserved the win. He's a true class act.

Vincent said...

Do you work with MMAWeekly? It seems they re-printed some of the exact same writing on this post in their column today: