Sunday, July 20, 2008

DREAM.5: Pre fight interview 2

DREAM official website posted interviews of fighters who fight in DREAM.5.

** Mark Hunt **
I haven't fought in MMA since I fought Fedor in 2006. I was disappointed see PRIDE lapsed. I wanted to fight in Japanese MMA again and accepted this offer. DREAM has superior qualities comparing to other MMA events; especially, its stage effects are tremendous and the best in the world. I think new great fighters will be discovered in DREAM. PRIDE was considered as the best MMA event, and I hope DREAM establish itself as one of the best event as well. I want DREAM survives and success in MMA. Alistair is one of the top fighters in the world and he is famous about his guillotine choke. I'm sure I win. I actually knew my opponent a short while ago. I have never had such a short notice before. My fight against Wandalei Silva was also announced in last minutes, yet I was notified 3 days prior to the fight. I just fight no matter who my opponent is. I want to get a heavy weight title in DREAM; in addition, I want to fight Fedor again if possible. I cannot wait fighting you, Alistair. Our fight will be an exciting fight which Japanese fans love.

**Alistair Overeem **
My last fight was ideal for me. I could express speediness and sharpness. Despite the fact that I fought about a month ago, my manager asked me if I was interested in fighting Mark Hunt. I accepted because I had an intensive training for 6 months before my last fight and I believed I still in a good condition. Moreover, I wanted to fight this guy, who is a former K-1 champion. I'm better than him overall. I'm quicker, stronger and well experienced. I guess he cannot keep getting my punches, but I know his head is as strong as a rock. I wish I had more time to prepare for this fight, but I have a confidence to win. I think my dream, fighting Mirko, will come closer by winning this fight.

** Joseph Benavidez **
I couldn't believe when I heard about KID. I was very motivated to fight a top fighter in the world and now I'm very disappointed. I definitely want to fight him when he recovers. My preparation for this event went very well, so that I can fight anybody. I don't think a change of my opponent works better, but I can adjust myself to any opponent. I was looking to forward to fighting in DREAM. My debut as an MMA fighter was in 2006. I used to be a wrestler and I was a champion in New Mexico. I fight at PFC in CA now. I have several excellent skills such as choking, boxing and kickboxing. My goal was to show that I was the best feather weight fighter by defeating KID. Now my goal is to win by submission or KO. I want to impress Japanese fans by having an exciting and a fast pace fight. I don't think I have any fans in Japan. Please expect to see my good performance.

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