Thursday, July 10, 2008

DREAM announced additional fights for DREAM.5

DREAM had an press conference on July 10 and announced 3 additional fights in DREAM.5, a middleweight one match: Yoshihiro Akiyama vs Katsuyori Shibata, a lightweight reserve match: Joachim Hansen vs Black Mamba, and a welterweight one match: Motoki Miyazawa vs Kuniyoshi Hironaka, were announced.

(Shibata had requested to fight with you in an MMA event on July 2. ) I accepted his request because I wanted to get my opponent as soon as I could and start to prepare for the fight. I think DREAM.5 will be better rating on TV than DREAM.4 because KID and I participate and people will talk about us. My nose bone is completely cured though it took longer than I thought. I haven't fought quite a while and now I'm very excited to come back to the ring. I haven't seen Shibata's fights yet. He is not an experienced fighter, but I think he has secret power. I have an image that he is very energetic and will do anything without any hesitation.
I'll put everything I have and try to win. I want to win no matter what, even if I'm an underdog.
My fighting style was broadened in the UFC. I want to show the difference between my style and other Japanese fighters. I want to exchange punches a lot like a bout of Hansen vs Alvarez. I think soon DREAM will be an event like the UFC because Mach represents this event and Nick Diaz fights here now. I want to have DREAM hold a welterweight tournament, then I want to be a champion.
I want to represent myself by defeating him by KO or submission.
I'm still negotiation with Mark Hunt's opponent. I cannot announce who he is now, but he is one of the very well known fighters. I'm going to arrange Mirko's fight in DERAM.6 since he canceled his participation in DREAM.5. due to the injury on his right elbow.

Message from Mirko Crocop
Hello everyone, I suppose to tell everybody how excited I am to fight in DREAM.5 today; however, I have to postpone my fight. I injured my right elbow and it's taking a while to be cured. I was impatient about not being able to do any ground training. I was so hasty that I sparred very hard with kick boxers; as a result, I injured my left shin and the kneecap. I think my fans are disappointed to find out that I'm not fighting. I decided not to fight in DREAM 5 but have a fantastic fight on Sep 23. I'm starving to fight. Please look forward to seeing my fight in DREAM 6.

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