Thursday, July 3, 2008

Uno & Tokoro appeared in Fight Festival

Caol Uno and Hideo Tokoro showed up in Fight Festival sponsored by FEG on July 3.

Uno and Eiji Mitsuoka had a sparring session. Mitsuoka said, "I admire his great concentration. I'm certainly sure he will win the lightweight GP. I think he will have an exciting fight against Aoki." In a talk show with Tsuyoshi Kosaka, Uno was asked about his brilliant escaping skill which he showed whenever he was caught from his back. He said, "Putting my self in that position is not something to be applauded as a fighter. I 'm just desperately trying to get out." After the talk show, Kosaka and Uno agreed to spar. Kosaka took him from his back and he showed his original escaping technique, and then he finished Kosaka by submission at the end.

I had a good fight with Ishida in DREAM.3, so I would like to do a better performance in my next fight. I want everyone see my fighting spirit. My game plan is to control the fight.

Tokoro showed up next.
(He was asked about his last fight) I managed to defeat Darren Uyenoyama. I'm working to strengthen my endurance now because I ran out of stamina in my previous fight. I don't know when my next fight is, but I will prepare and improve myself for my next fight, then I want to challenge Kid Yamamoto someday.

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