Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Aoki showed his training and had an interview

Shinya Aoki invited the press to DEEP Officialgym Impact and showed his training on July 15. After the training, he had an interview.

I entertained everyone by showing Zen trainings with Saeki last couple of times and I was scolded for joking too much by many people, so I had a normal training today. I'm getting ready for my fight. I'm not tired despite of having a short period of time between the last fight and the next. I have no pressure. Uno is a great fighter who I have respected since I was one of MMA fans. He has been representing Japanese MMA for long time. I cannot wait challenging such a great fighter and I think this will be a fight I never forget. On the other hand, Japanese MMA is aging now and it's time to make it younger. I'm going to prepare 2 outfits; for the semi final and the final. I would like to get the lightweight belt this time and will fight Mach Sakurai in the welterweight tournament final for the belt in September. I have a dream conquering 3 classes.

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