Friday, July 4, 2008

Sengoku fighters trained with Olympic wrestling team

SENGOKU fighters such as Yoshida, Takimoto, Gomi, Kitaoka and Kawamura trained with Japanese Wrestling Olympic team on July 4th.

"This is my second time to have a real wrestling training" said Yoshida. He brought his own wrestling shoes today. Fighters except Gomi , who has a wrestling background, had a different training menu with others.  even so, they warmed up, sparred and learned top level techniques for 2 hours. Yoshida and Takimoto, who are former gold medalists, had an opportunity to spar with Shingo Matsumoto, who is an 84kg weight class Olympian. Gomi said "Their sparing was really worth seeing."

Wrestling was a lot harder than I expected. I had such a great experience today that I would like to make a use of what I learned in my regular training and fights.
I suppose everybody is under huge pressures by other people's expectations; although, they should stay focused on their training and I hope they have good performance in the Olympic.
Training with top level wrestlers stimulated me to work harder for my next fight. While I cannot go to watch their game because my fight is coming soon, I wish them luck in the Olympics. I know it is hard to obtain a chance to fight in a main event. I won't compromise my performance, I mean I'm not going to disappoint anybody but also show a great fight. This training was a good start for me to achieve that.
It was very hard training and I was even ordered to do better by a coach. I had a full day of great training. I'm impressed to see top level wrestlers. Everyone was very powerful and energetic. I thank everybody to give us such a great opportunity. I hope they have great game in the Olympics without getting injured.

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