Saturday, July 19, 2008

DREAM.5: Pre fight interview 1

DREAM official website posted interviews of fighters who participate in DREAM.5.

** Motoki Miyazawa **
I still cannot believe that I fight in DREAM. I think I'm in a good condition because I'm not nervous as usual and have no injuries. This is the first time I fight wearing short pants. Since my participation to DREAM was announced, many people who I don't often talk such as some of my friends and my dad have contacted me and cheered me. I received advices from Uno and Kadoma, who have fought in DREAM before. My impression about Hironaka by watching his fight video is that his style is similar to foreign fighters. He is a grappler who has both power and techniques. I don't have any fight plan. I want to have an exciting fight. My fighting spirit is gradually raised since my fight was announced and I really want to win this fight now. To fight in DREAM again, I have to win for sure. I want to get a chance to fight Mach Sakurai and Nick Diaz someday. I will have an aggressive fight.

** Kuniyoshi Hironaka **
I need to lose more weight. I concern about my weight more than my fight now. I couldn't get Miyazawa's fight video. I believe I will win if I carry out my fighting style. I trained a lot for this fight. I will take down and punch him from side and mount positions. If he is good at avoiding my punches, I will choke or submit him. We have trained together before and I remember he was a good grappler. My goal is to get a welterweight champion belt in DREAM. I want to fight anybody including Marcelo Garcia in MMA rules. I respect Mach Sakurai and would be fantastic if I can fight him. I will fight very offensively.

** Takeshi Yamazaki **
I'm excited to fight in Osaka. In my last fight, my opponent was stronger than I expected. I am not happy with my last performance and result. I regret that I couldn't submit or KO him, and so I want to have a KO or submission victory this time. I think my condition is not bad. I was surprised to hear Tokoro's accident. I'm relieved to hear that he can fight. Tokoro is very aggressive both on the ground and in the standing position. He is doing good lately by fighting very aggressively. I shouldn't forget that his striking skills are improved. I have never fought someone who I go out with. I think our fight will be the best bout of the day.

** Hideo Tokoro **
When I was stopping at a signal, someone ran into my car from behind. I didn't get any damage on my neck; however, I felt something wrong around my back. I'm afraid many people worried about my condition. I feel fine now and am ready to fight. I have no problem adjusting my weight. Yamazaki is a member of the best grappler team, GRABAKA. I respect his persistent fighting style. The most important thing is to give my best, regardless who I fight. It's not fun fighting someone who I know, but I have to win because I want to move up to the next level.

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