Thursday, July 17, 2008

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~ He updated his column on July 15. ~

I watched "FURY FC" on Sherdog this morning. I believe this event is promoted by Victor Costa who owns Koral. I remember he is a Jujitsu black belt holder and won Pan American Jujitsu Championship. I'm such an MMA geek that I was excited when I found him in a DREAM event. I was so happy when he told me my Ju-Jitsu was good and asked me to fight in Brazil.

Fighting in Brazil is very romantic. Brazil locates in the opposite side of the earth from Japan; therefore, it takes a full day to get there. I liked the event because they have similar stage effects with DREAM. The audience was very enthusiastic and nice as well! I enjoyed watching 2 Japanese fighters who fought in the main and the semi event. Yoshitomo Watanabe, who belongs to AACC and fights in club DEEP, faced Fabricio Monteiro. Monteiro defeated him by choking. I'm impressed to see Monteiro's brilliant submission techniques, and I notice that he belongs not Gracie Fusion but Gordo JJ now. Did anybody else notice that?

The main event was a fighter of Gracie Academy vs Takashi Otsuka, who also belongs to AACC and fights in club DEEP. Otuka seemed very popular in Brazil. I think the light weight class is 70kg. He is obviously a lot smaller for the light weight class which is 70kg. I think his weight is around 60 ~ 65 kg. I respect his guts fighting in the heavier weight class. It was close fight and I thought he won this fight, but he lost by judgement unfortunately.

It was very impressive to see Japanese fighters fight in Brazil where is extremely far from Japan. Brazilian fighters take 1 day to fight in Japan and I admit that they are super tough.

I'm seriously thinking to fight in other countries to be honest. I want to fight in the US, Europe and Brazil. I don't want stay in one place and move around many countries. Exciting, isn't it?

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