Friday, July 18, 2008

Gono comes back in UFC89

Gono updated his blog.

I suppose everyone already knows... I make a comeback to the UFC on Oct 18. I signed on the contract last weekend.

The UFC told me that I could announce my fight schedule anytime in Japan last time; although, they asked me to wait this time until they made an official announcement. I asked them when they were going to announce and I was waiting to hear from them. I found out that my fight schedule was official in the UFC website when I read comments from my fans in my blog. Japanese MMA news sites already posted articles about my next fight before I announced in this blog. I regret very much that I couldn't let my blog readers know first about my comeback.

I received many warm comments, so I decided to train hard yesterday. Preparing to run on a treadmill, I was scratched on the back by a sharp edge of the metal fittings. It takes longer than 30 min. to stop bleeding. Sweat smarts when it is put on a cut. I also have a symptom similar to an asthma with coughing.

My next fight is a complete away game, for I fight a British guy in England. There is no direct flights from Tokyo to Birmingham, which means I have to layover somewhere in Europe. I wonder how long it will take to get there. Flights will be longer than flights to New York for sure.

Though it seems like things go against me, I actually do better in unfavorable circumstances. I could win last 2 fights even though I broke my fist in the early phase of the fight. I think mental and physical conditionings are the key to win. So, I train hard next 3 months to show you a good fight.

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