Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tokoro fights Yamazaki in DREAM.5.

On July 15, DREAM announced that Hideo Tokoro faced Takeshi Yamazaki in DREAM.5.

Both fighters won last fights and only one of them can remain as a non-defeated fighter in DREAM. This is also a battle of handsome guys. This is a great opportunity for them to appeal themselves to many MMA fans because TBS broadcasts this event live on TV.

I know about Yamazaki well and I wish I could avoid fighting him. He has excellent ground techniques and never gives up. I will avoid getting his choke sleeper and his arm triangle from a mount position. Kid is a top fighter in the featherweight class in the world. Losing before facing him means that I leave from the line. I'll do my best to survive.

I'm a good friend of his brother. I know him quite a long time. I knew we would fight someday since we chose to fight in DREAM. I think we will have a good fight and I definitely want to win. He is very aggressive and fearless. We are both grappler but have different style; his techniques are vivid and mine is insistent. I saw his last fight and noticed that he developed his strikings. This will be a tough fight. I'm not thinking about Kid now. I focus on my next fight to get a next chance.

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