Monday, July 21, 2008

DREAM.5: Post fight interview 1

** Black Mamba **
Our fight was developed in my aggressive pace. I lost by tapping, but I don't regret anything about my fight. He was an excellent grappler. I am sure that he is a true top fighter. My trainer told me that I moved well and threw good punches.

** Joseph Benavidez **
- Tell me what you though about fighting in DREAM.
My dream came true. The atmosphere was awesome and it was totally different with what I saw on TV. I felt like being in a different world. Supported by many MMA fans, I enjoyed fighting.
- You fought in small events and now you could fight in DREAM.
I feel like my efforts such as hard trainings bore fruit. Small events I have fought were also good; however, I was so happy to fight in DREAM.
- What do you think about a change of your opponent at the last moment?
I felt strange when I heard about his cancellation. I had been asked so many question about KID since I arrived in Japan. In fact, I was confused because I trained so hard to fight him. I wanted to not only fight him but also fight in DREAM, so I'm glad that DREAM arranged my opponent and KODO agreed to fight me.
- DREAM may have a feather weight tournament someday.
If so, I would definitely like to participate in. I like fighting in a tournament and it would be wonderful if I can be a champion.
- Urijah Faber, what do you think about DREAM?
This event was cool and I felt a lot of potential to be better. This event has more top class 135lb fighters than other MMA events . I notice that stage effects were great too. I think Joseph did great job. I sent him to this event because I knew how strong he is and he could beat Kid.
- Don't you want to fight KID, Urijah?
I think it's not simple and easy to arrange our fight, and it will need more time. I want him to fight my teammates first. I think Joseph will prove that he is stronger than Kid. Thank you.

** KODO **

I couldn't do anything. This was my first time to fight a foreign fighter. He was strong and I wasn't good enough. That's why I lost.

** Yoshihiro Akiyama **

I was in a good condition including my knee. (I suppose you enjoy being booed.) I think no one is happy to be booed. I think I'm the only one who is always booed in Japanese MMA event. I should just play a role in DREAM after understanding how MMA fans think about me.
(Who do you want to fight next?) I want to fight Tamura because he called me names in public.
I will shut his mouth in the ring.

** Alistair Overeem **

I'm happy to win. As a result of trained very hard for my last fight in DREAM.4, I could have a good fight and win. I was offered this fight when I was in Thailand for vacation. I would definitely like to fight in DREAM again if I'm offered. I want to be a champion and I actually have an illusion that I am a champion sometimes. I would like to fight Mirko someday.


Stephen said...

I feel sorry for Akiyama. Always being chastised because of his mistakes. And it doesn't help that he is a korean living in Japan (aka zainichi). As a fellow korean, I can only sympathize and support him in his future endeavors. I hope he kicks the crap out of Tamura for his bad mouthing.

patiwat said...

What's Akiyama gotta do to earn back some respect? He bows to the audience, fights clean, is gracious in victory, and doesn't respond to the boos. Thankfully, the crowd still pays to see him fight. Is he basically just a "bad guy" fighter - ala pro-wrestling? If so, I'm glad to see that he accepts it in stride.

Stephen said...

That's why his nickname in Japan is Satan. No? LOL!!!

asdsa said...

It doesn't help Akiyama when he greased against Saku and is known to grease in past judo competitions. He just adding more fuel to the fire. I don't like him personally but I do enjoy watching a judoka become succesful in mma