Friday, July 11, 2008

Kawajiri rather fights Aoki in final

Tatsuya Kawajiri showed his training to the press at JB SPOTS in Tokyo on July 11. JB SPOTS is a boxing gym whose owner, George Morikawa, is an author of a comic book about boxing, Hajimeno Ippo. Mitsuhiro Ishida and Hiroyuki Takaya who fights in WEC on Aug 03 trained together.

His training lasted for 1.5 hours. After training, he had an interview. His training menu:
- 3 min./3R sparring in a striking with boxing gloves
- 3 min./2R sparring in a striking with open finger gloves
- 5 min./2R sparring
- 3 min./2R working with a hanging heavy bag
- 10 min./1R, 5 min./2R a combination training of ground sparring and mitts punching)
- Shadow boxing 3min.

I fight twice per a day; therefore, I train 2 times harder than usual. I'm very tired because I'm having incentive trainings every day. I'll adjust my condition by reducing my training load gradually. I know my next fight with Alvarez will be a tough fight. The harder my next fight is, the more I enjoy my victory. I studied his fighting style by watching his fight video with Hansen. I carry out everything I want to do regardless of his style. I want to defeat him by KO ideally. (He was asked which fighter he wants to fight, Uno or Aoki) Doesn't matter to me. I'm not worried about fighting either of them. I know their style well because I have trained with Aoki and fought Uno before. The key to fight them is do not let them touch me and don't fight on the ground. (He said he wanted to fight UNO in DREAM.3, after Ishida was defeated) I forgot about that when I found out my next opponent is Alvarez. I suppose PRIDE fans want to see me fight Aoki. I always have good luck in Osaka; I won the tournament of SHOOT and I had good experience in a curry restaurant. I think it's time for me to shine.


Stephen said...
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Stephen said...

Kawajiri is so cool! HnI was one of my fave manga back in the day (and still is). I wish him the best of luck in the finals. (I really hope he wins, as he is my favorite LW fighter.)

Suki said...

Kawajiri doesn't do blog. (He had before though...)

Stephen said...

aw...maaaan. That's cool. haha. I really wish he would continue. He would gain more fans that way. Either way, he's a fighter that I look towards for inspiration.