Friday, July 25, 2008

Gomi faces Seung Hwan Bang

SENGOKU had a press conference and announced fights in SENGOKU 4 on Aug 24. Takanori Gomi faces Seung Hwan Bang, who is a current DEEP lightweight champion.

I saw a couple of his fight videos. His fighting style reminds me of my style in SHOOTO. I consider that his weakness is a groundwork. I wonder what fans want to see in our fight. Do they enjoy if I take him down on the ground? I doubt it. I will built up my stamina to be able to fight in standing position all rounds. I'll train hard and I will be absolutely sure to win on Aug 24. I'm glad to fight my last fight in my 20's in the main event.

Seung Hwan Bang:
I'm very excited to fight Gomi. I'm a striker and will do my best to KO him.

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Stephen said...

Seung Hwan Bang is tailor made for Gomi. Gomi can't get KO'd and Bang has no groundwork, which is Gomi's biggest weakness. I wish they brought up a person with better groundgame so Gomi would practice it fighting with real opponents.