Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aoki's column from

Aoki's column was updated on July 23.

I experienced a lot in this tournament. Even though I couldn't get a result I wanted, I have no regret about my performance because I did my best.

I lost because I was weaker than Hansen. All I can do now is to train hard and to be stronger. I cried after the fight because I knew my fans and supporters, who were looking forward to seeing me winning the tournament, were disappointed. In addition, when my teammates told me that I did my best, more tears came up to my eyes.

I couldn't achieve my goal this time; however, I definitely come back and get a title sometimes soon. I improve myself and I know I can be better fighter. No matter what other people say, I'm the one who represents DREAM!

~ He got a reward of $29K(JPY3000000) for his performance in the final. ~


Stephen said...

Aoki lost, but he shouldn't take the loss so harshly. THe fans still respect him.

patiwat said...

He spent a tremendous amount of energy in his triangle attempt against Uno. It was a truly beautiful fight, more so than his defeat of JZ, and he has nothing to be ashamed of.