Sunday, February 3, 2008

Yoshida vs Barnett in Sengoku on Mar 5

WVR had a press conference about the MMA event, Sengoku on Mar 5, and announced that Hidehiko Yoshida fights Josh Barnett.  

Yoshida's comment:
This is a great match and an appropriate main fight for the debut event of Sengoku.  I hope this will be an exciting and unforgettable fight.  Barnett is a strong and the most well known fighter in Japan comparing to my other candidates.  Thought I didn't chose to fight Barnett, I felt a fight against him would have a big impact and be a good fight.  This launching event is key if Sengoku can continue having more great fighters in the future.   Whether I win or not, I feel I have a responsibility to attract audiences and increase MMA fans by having a terrific fight.  I train boxing every other day and work on other striking techniques as well.  He is a tough opponent for me but I'm doing my best preparing for this fight.  Barnett is heavier and taller.  I didn't feel he was bigger than me by that much and the size difference won't be a disadvantage.  I won't announce if I wear gi or not till Mar 05.  I won't forget the spirit as a challenger.  

Barnett`s comment:
I could not fight last year, not because I was injured, but because I didn't have my home ring.  I'm glad to announce that I fight in Sengoku and am lucky to fight Yoshida in a main event in this very first event.  He is a well skilled Judo specialist who is willing to learn techniques other than Judo.   Judo and Catch Wrestling are long time rivals.  This is my 3rd time to fight a Judo specialist and would like to show something new and would like to surprise audiences.  I signed up to fight with Naoya Ogawa in IGF on Feb 16.  I will fight Yoshida even if I'm injured.  I haven't decided yet if I have another fight in Sengoku.  I will decide based on the result of my first fight.  

Naoya Kinoshita, the president of WVR, said he is considering to hold a championship fight or a championship tournament this year.

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