Tuesday, February 19, 2008

KID Yamamoto Interview with HEROS

HEROS official website posted the interview of Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto. HEROS had an interview with him right before the press conference of DREAM on Feb 13.

- Could you tell me about your fight against Rani Yahya on NYE?
I'm satisfied with that fight. I kept my pace without giving him chance to do anything.

- Yahya threw punches though?
I knew he came to take me down though he couldn't make a tackle. So, he decided to throw strikes. He didn't have other choices. I got to know how to handle that kind of fighter.

- I said you didn't like fighting Jujitsu specialists, and now you have a counter-plan for them?
Yes. I think I don't have any problem fighting them for now. I could have a good experience on NYE.

- Did you get confidence by defeating Yahya who is the WEC Bantam Weight champion?
Yes. That's why I would like to fight champions.

- Your fight got the highest rating of the television program.
Thanks. I'm glad to have a great fight for my fans.

- You could finish the end of 2007 by winning and your gym, Krazy Bee, is expanding and doing good business.
Yes, my gym is getting bigger and my students got more motivation. My students fight in DREAM.

- Are you talking about Kotetsu Boku? What do you think about DREAM?
I really think making an alliance is great. It's better to work together for fans and fighters. Fans can see more exciting fights and MMA will be more popular at the same time.

- What kind of performance would you like to do?
Just do like I have done in HERO'S. I could make the HERO'S light weight exciting. I would like to put more energy in our new event and want to give opportunities for young fighters.

- The light weight class doesn't have a tournament this year.
I don't even know other fighters in my class. I will fight fighters who I fought before and show good fights. Then, more fighters will sign up with this event.

- What is your resolution of this year?
My resolution is not to get injured. I don't think I will though. I want to continue winning.

- Do you show us KO'ing your opponents?
Absolutely. I'm highly motivated fighting in the new event.

- Any message to your fans?
I think Japanese MMA will be amazing from now on because 2 big organizations combined into one. Thank you for supporting me and I will do my best.


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