Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Gomi had an interview with Kamipro

Takanori Gomi had an interview with a Japanese MMA magazine, Kamipro No 120.

- You finally announced your next stage to fight. Can I ask about your 2007?
I don't want to recall my past.

- You are a well-known fighter and many people were wondering where you fight next and I heard many rumors.
I know some publications talked about me because they expected a lot from me. I answered to their question honestly. However, I couldn't tell anything about my contract before I signed up.

- How did you feel while you were working on negotiating with many events?
I had a normal life and did what I could do at that time. I trained in my gym. I wasn't sure if I wanted to fight last year. I knew my fans wanted to see my fights and I appreciated their support though. I took a break and that was what I needed.

- You went to watch the UFC live last year.
I didn't want to stay in Japan and wanted to go somewhere for fun. That's all.

- Did you feel uncomfortable staying in Japan on NYE? I guess because many people were curious and asked how you felt?
No, not like that. I fought in front of a big audience in Saitama for past several years on NYE, and I had parties with staff and friends after fights. I was at a loss when I thought about watching MMA event on TV alone at home on NYE. I missed the countdown with thousands of MMA fans in Saitama Super Arena. The UFC event was great and I even thought about fighting there. I like fans in Saitama though. I felt NYE in Saitama was more energetic and powerful than the UFC.

- You decided not to fight in the UFC. I heard Dana White said Gomi chose Sengoku because of the money.
I didn't know that.

- He says negative things about fighters who didn't sign up with him.
Well, I felt I prefer watching the UFC to fighting there. It is definitely amazing to travel to Las Vegas, enjoy gambling and watching the UFC with hot girls. I would like to go and see the UFC again. So, I will keep in touch with Dana White to get a free pass.

- Did you watch Japanese MMA events?
Yes. I mostly watched the middle weight fights. I fast forwarded some parts and didn't watch full fights though.

- Did you imagine you fought either in Yarennoka or in Dynamite?
If I fought in those events, I wanted to fight J.Z. Calvan because he was a champion. I wasn't ready to fight and I didn't want to have a fight which disappointed my fans. Eventually, J.Z. cancelled his fight.

- Did you get any offer to fight J.Z.Calvan?
Nope. If I fight someone, then I probably choose to fight J.Z.. I went to see HEROS last summer and thought nobody could stop him. It seemed like HEROS fighters didn't want to fight him and fans in that event even felt same way.

- That's why you wanted to fight him?
It was kinda strange for me to challenge him though.

- Yes, you are the PRIDE champion, too!
Oh well, it is true that I defeated Mach Sakurai in front of the audience, but I feel like that belt is not valid anymore. That's why I want to challenge in a new place.

- Don't you have your belt with you?
I have it in my house. I don't know where to return it even.


mashuu.metyu said...

Wow, I can't believe he admitted his belt isn't valid any more. I wonder how he felt about all the non-title fights he was involved in. I never had much respect for Gomi, but this makes me re-think things.

Hamsterking said...

he probably said the belt isn't valid anymore because pride is dead.

Emerson said...

haha, free pass to watch ufc