Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Chonan is ready for his next fight

Ryo Chonan updated his blog.

I'm looking forward to seeing Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silva on Sunday. I heard Dan trained with Snake who is from France and famous in DEEP and PRIDE. I have sparred with Snake who is taller than Anderson and has the long reach. I will get his knee when he lift his knee lightly. I think Dan chose a good training partner for his next fight because I suppose Snake has stronger strikes thank Shogun. I think Dan has a chance to win.

Next week, I will see fights of Yoshida and Takimoto in Sengoku. I train with them and I see one reason they got medals in Olympics. Their ability to concentrate is extraordinary. They are type of people who can do better in their actual performance. I cannot wait to see their fight and join in a party after their fight.

On Mar 9, Hiroki Ishii fights for a belt of Super Light Weight in Magnum 16 organized by Shin Nihon Kick Boxing. I hope he conditions well and he becomes a champion.

I suppose you say I'm so easy going to watch fights of other fighters. I actually want to know when my next fight is. I went to Thailand for Muay Thai training to keep my motivation up. It's sucks that I'm not injured but have no fight schedule. I know PRIDE light weight fighters were very patient last year.

My friend in the US talked to the UFC staff and told me that they offer me a fight sometimes soon. I haven't fought for a while and have no money. I cannot wait anymore, and decided to go to the US for 6 months from the middle of April.

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