Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Japanese MMA event, DREAM, press conference (2)

** Interviews of fighters in the press conference **

Daisuke Nakamura:
I believe this is one of the top level MMA events. I would like to train hard and do my best.

Ryuki Ueyama:
I'm glad to fight in this event. I would like to be a world champion this year.

I like the name of this event, DREAM. I would like to be stronger and show great fights for my fans and staff.

Yoshihiro Akiyama:
I can tell this event will have great fights and dream matches. I would like to fight for my fans.

Norifumi KID Yamamoto:
I think this is cool event and will do my best showing great fights for my fans. Don't forget my birthday is Mar 15.

Hayato Mach Sakurai:
I'm in MMA for quite a while and have been punched for a long time. I don't fight in the tournament, but I will fight a lot next year.

Shinya Aoki:
I'm honored to fight in the new event. I'm also happy that my fight is announced in this press conference. I would like to win by having a top level fight.

Kazushi Sakuraba:
Like the very first Dynamite, I would like to cooperate with other fighters and event staff and give dreams to my fans. Thank you for supporting us.

Royce Gracie (video)
I'm happy to hear about this new event. Since FEG, the biggest MMA organization in Japan, and the staff from another big event work together, I know the event will be successful. I hope I can fight in DREAM and show my style and techniques. I'm glad to see MMA, which history was built up by the Gracie Family, is now about to develop more by FEG and the former PRIDE staff. I cannot wait to fight in DREAM. I will be back!

Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic:
I'm very happy to fight in Japan again and very excited. Please come and see my next fight on Mar 15. I will do my best supporting this new event. Many people will consider I come back to Japan because I couldn't win in UFC, but it is not true. I'm going to go back to UFC someday and have a good result. I determined that DREAM is the right place to build my career for now. I wanted to fight in Japan again and I don't like fighting in the cage to be honest. Japan is my secondary home country. I have recovered from the damage I took by loosing in UFC , so I would would like to have great fights for my fans.

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