Thursday, February 21, 2008

Misaki talks about turning over of the decision

Yarennoka turned over the decision and announced that the fight between Akiyama vs Misaki was a no contest. Misaki had kept silent since then and finally opened up and talked in public on Feb 21.

- What do you think about turning over the decision?
I have no hard feelings and just accept their announcement. I was satisfied with showing my fans my fight against Akiyama in Yarennoka.

- What do you think about your soccer ball kicking? Do you think that was a foul play?
Nobody can clearly say that was foul play or not now. I think God makes the fight no contest and I accept his decision.

- What do you think about Tanikawa criticizing your contract with Sengoku?
I wonder why. I shouldn't say anything about that misunderstanding, but I suppose Yarennoka didn't tell him about my contract clearly and correctly. I have never betrayed before and won't in my future. I'm not an unfair person and won't be. I chose Sengoku because I think that's the right way to move on.


Sloping said...

Thanks as always, Suki.

From Canada.

Anonymous said...

Hey Suki, I started reading about a week ago and I wanted to thank you so much for translating these articles! You're doing a great job! The only thing more I could ask of is that you post links to the original pages you are translating from. Keep up the good work and I hope your site takes off into the bigger and better!

~etanderson from youtube