Monday, February 18, 2008

Barnett`s interview

Barnett's interview from the Sengoku official site posted on Feb 10.

- What do you think about Yoshida?
I have trained with him before and he is one of my close friends. I'm excited to fight him in Sengoku to be honest. We will enjoy fighting for sure. He is a great fighter and has a great personality as well. I will do everything I can do to win and I know that what he wants from me. I will do my best to KO him.

- What do you think about Sengoku?
I know GOKU means extreme. Our fight will be extreme.

- Could you tell me your fight plan?
3.5 min. per round is very short amount of time to finish him. I would like to have an amazing main event. I will be aggressive from the beginning and want to finish as quick as I can.

- What do you want to show your fans?
I know our fans expect a lot from me. At the same time, I always keep my mind on having exciting fights to satisfy them, because I'm a professional fighter. I would like to have an impressive fight which is transmitted by everybody including MMA fans, and which my students can learn from.

- Who would you like to fight in Sengoku?
I will fight any strong fighters. I would like to fight Roger Gracie because I want to defeat the Gracie family? I would like to fight a lot as a belt holder of Pancrase.

- Any message to your fans?
Thank you for always supporting me. I'm glad to have a chance to fight in Japan again. Please come to the event and be witnesses of a new MMA history.

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