Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Japanese fans think about Mirko

Mirko Crocop had an interview with a Croatian paper which translation was posted on sherdog.  In a Japanese discussion forum, people talk about Mirko and M-1.

- Dana White is smart.  If Mirko fights Fedor and wins, Dana definitely takes Mirko back to the UFC and makes money having his fights.  If Mirko loses in DREAM, the UFC will just say goodbye to Mirko without hesitating.  The UFC won't lose anything by letting Mirko fight in another MMA event.

- I think it's impossible to have Mirko fight Fedor this year.  What we want to see is a fight between Fedor and Couture and M-1 is working on arranging it.  I cannot believe the UFC has debts because it seems they are doing a good business and even cooperate with Yahoo. 

- I think M-1 breaks before having their debut event.  A fight between Fedor vs Mirko is more realistic than Fedor vs Couture?

- DREAM is again doing silly business by not having written contracts but only having verbal contracts.  People who are on the side of DREAM were bashing Sengoku because they of their verbal contracts with fighters, however DREAM does the same thing.  Sengoku should learn from the experience with Baroni.  (Baroni announced to fight in IconSport in Hawaii on Mar 15, 3 days before he announced to cancel fighting in Sengoku due to his injury.)

- I don't think a fight between Mirko and Fedor is realistic.  Fedor has no reason and will see no  benefit fighting Mirko who lost in the UFC.  Mirko needs to prove himself before asking him to fight.  Mirko is famous and popular, however he is obviously not good enough to fight Fedor.

- I think Mirko lost in the UFC and needs to win at least 2 times in DREAM.  If he wins, he maybe get a chance to fight Fedor.

- I wonder why the verbal agreement is popular in Japan.  I cannot imagine why.  It is not necessary to have contracts which tie fighters and are only beneficial for the UFC.  I think written contracts are essential to avoid a case like Baroni, who quit in last minutes.  Mirko definitely needs to win 3 times in a row for sure.

- Even if Mirko defeats Fedor and other good fighters in Japan, he looks not a strong fighter in the UFC.  I think he doesn't have an ability to defeat anyone in Octagon.  He needs to train with someone who have a lot of experience fighting in the UFC.

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