Friday, February 1, 2008

What's Genki Sudo up to?

Genki Sudo is now filming a movie named R246STORY. His movie is a short movie.  Five other artists make short films based on the same theme, Route 246, and make a 1 omnibus movie. He writes, produces and plays in this movie. This movie will be released this summer. Also, his other book will be at stores in the end of Feb.


The Psycho said...

I still don't understand why Sudo retire?. He's in his early 30s and still in his prime. I saw Funaki fighting in his 40s against Sakuraba at the K-1 NYE event.

Gier said...

Thanks for the news on Genki, I always wonder what he's gonna do next. I didn't even know he released a book, I assume it's only in Japanese?

Genki claims his retirement is due to neck injuries and wanting to move on with his life I believe.

The Psycho said...

Thanks for the info.

So I'll never see a fight between the two men with the flashiest entrances in MMA...Sudo & Gono.

Pezi said...

Nice to her something again from Genki Sudo.

Gono and Genki are in a totally different weight class @ the psycho....
and he did also retire because he had some problems with his neck ( or was it his back) . and welll then there is this toilet thing which also led him to retire.

The Psycho said...


Well there are many fights in Japan where fighters face each other from different weight classes.

Example: Minowa vs. Zulu & Sudo vs Butterbean