Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yoshida interview ~ My fight will be really exciting ~

Yoshida's interview which was posted Feb 10 on the Sengoku official website.

- What do you think about your opponent, Josh?
I respect him and consider he is one of top fighters in the world. He is an well rounded fighter who is good in a ground position as well as in a standing position. I have to be careful of getting his submission techniques including leg locks. He is definitely a tough opponent. I think Josh always has exciting fights and his fights attract fans. I believe we will have an amazing fight.

- What do you think about Sengoku?
It is a brand new event. All fighters and staff of this event will work together to succeed. I will do my best to make this event attractive for young fighters.

- Any prediction for your fight?
I have trained with him before and I know pretty well about his fighting style, but it is hard to say what he does in our fight. I haven't decided if I wear gi or not. I know I have a risk easily getting his leg locks when I wear gi. I know fans want to see me in gi though. It is hard decision to make.

- What do you want to show your fans?
I would like to show my fans my aggressive fighting style. Josh always tries to entertain his fans like I told you earlier. I will try to fight aggressively by maintaining my fighting spirit well. I think a fighter who has a strong mentality will win this fight and I don't thinks this fight will be boring.

- Who else do you want to fight?
I would like to fight any strong fighters.

- Any message to your fans?
I would like to have an exciting fight to attract fans to this new event. Thank you for supporting me.



Barnett should be facing Fedor.

Michael said...

Its too bad Yoshida feels pressured into wearing his gi. Hopefully he just does what he thinks will be best for him.