Monday, February 25, 2008

Gomi updated his website

From Gomi's official website..

It's getting warm and I cannot wait until spring comes. Spring is the season of graduation. At the same time, it's an energetic time for many people to start and challenge something new.

Japanese MMA news now talk about Sengoku and DREAMS. They compare both events and have interviews of fighters. I enjoy reading interviews because it's good to know about thoughts, goals and situation they had when they made decisions. I have good energy from other fighters because they train hard to achieve goals even if we fight in different events.

I wonder why interviewers often ask fighters questions coming from the thought of Sengoku vs. DREAM. I suppose they believe the composition of Sengoku vs DREAM will attract more people. Fighters focus on training and their opponents. They train hard everyday under huge pressures and they have no time to think about other fighters and other events now. It's good for Japanese MMA to get more attention, however, I cannot cooperate with MMA magazines all the time, especially right before my fight.

I was so lazy that I didn't fight at all last year. I'm back and fight in the very first event in 2008. I'm going to change my entrance music. You will find out on Mar 5.

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davidha said...

just found out ur blog is back and i'm soooo happy. we're all so thankful that your back and we get to read about japanese mma.

i'm a graphic artist, plz let me know if u need graphics.