Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sakurai video interview

Here is the interview video of Sakurai with HDnet in Yarennnoka.  
What he is saying in this interview is he always fights champions again and again.  This is me doing some translation!  Sorry for the messed up video at the beginning.  


Raph said...

Well done, Suki. Mach is hilarious. I 'm new to your blog so I didn't realize that was you. Are you going to continue to be a translator for mma events?

Rob said...

this is hilarious! great interview and translation

Emerson said...

man, that was kinda hard to watch. not that you're bad or anything, you're doing a terrific job. but sakurai's engrish is really broken.

PJ Swenson said...

Suki, send me an email if you get a chance. I wanted to ask if you might be available to write about or do a video interview at the upcoming Strikeforce event in San Jose, or possibly the upcoming UFC in Sacramento.

Keep up the great work on the blog.

Haulport said...

How awesome is this sport?

Start a blog that offers a cool service and end up getting hired all over the place and going to Japan for the NYE event!

Fun interview and Sakurai did not make it easy.

I think Mach was trying to hook up ; )

ippa said...

Hola Suki, please drop me a mail: admin (AT)

(I couldn't find any contactinfo on your blog)

Suki said...

Everybody, THANKS for comments!!
That interview was my first time to translate in person. I was nervous but I believe that was fine for the first time? It was tough because Mach was being funny and weird. He was actually holding my shoulder during his interview!

I like MMA, especially I liked PRIDE for many years. It would be awesome if I can get any MMA job as a translator. If anybody has a MMA job for me, please email me at sukimma at


The Psycho said...


I think Mach is in love with you.

Hopefully not.

All kidding aside, that was one entertaining interview/translation.

UNIT-1978 said...

Great interview, Sakurais english is getting much better, still broken but better. Great job with the first translated live interview. Keep up the good work.

flyinpig said...

Konnichiwa Suki,


I've come across your blog before and saw the HDnet broadcast, but didn't connect the two until now. Good job on the blog and the interview!

Working in a Japanese company in the US, I know how difficult translating can be!