Saturday, February 16, 2008

Baroni and Kikuta don't fight on Mar 05.

Sengoku announced on Feb 12 that Phil Baroni cancelled his fight on Mar 05 because he injured his right shoulder while he was training.

Sengoku considered to look for a new opponent for Kikuta. On Feb 13, they decided to not let him fight on Mar 05 but will in their next event. The reason why Sengoku made this decision is Kikuta isn't in a good condition anyways because he has old wounds damaged by training. Sengoku figured out to let him fight whenever he is in the better condition.

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The Psycho said...

Actually, they have to put the injury excuse, because Baroni singed a contract with the EliteXC/Proelite Group. Baroni is going to fight Kala Kolohe Hose on March 15 for IconSport's MW Title.