Wednesday, February 13, 2008

New Japanese MMA event, DREAM, press conference (3)

Other comments in the press conference

- Mirko has a contract with the UFC?
Sasahara: I cannot tell you anything about his contract. I think he has no problem fighting in DREAM.

- Why did you approach Mirko?
Sasahara: We were looking for heavyweight fighters who are good and famous. We had a chance to talk to Mirko.

- You don't have a weight class for KID?
Sasahara: I'm going to have another light weight class which KID can fight in.

- HERO'S has a meaning of Road to Dynamite!. What are you going to do with Dynamite?
Tanikawa: DREAM will also have the same meaning. We haven't decided what we are going to do with Dynamite yet and what kind of NYE event we are going to have though.

- Does the HERO'S supervisor and PRIDE & Yarennoka Spokesman work with you?
Tanikawa: Takada and Maeda won't be involved with DREAM.

- Any conflict with Sengoku?
Sasahara: We don't produce any of their event. We talked to Sengoku and found out we have a different concept and figured out we cannot work with them. We are not fighting each other though.


Anonymous said...

What does the final paragraph say in this article? That they've worked out their problems with Misaki, or not?


UNIT-1978 said...

Thats too bad that they wont be working with Sengoku to swap fighters and have more great fights.

Suki said...

Hi liferuiner555 ,

Here is the translation of the article you pasted.

Sasahara said, I resolved Misaki's problem by having a talk with Tanikawa. I hope Misaki fights in DREAM as well as in Sengoku. I wish Tanikawa didn't bring this in public.

Sasahara criticized Tanikawa's comment in the press conference on Feb 23. (Tanikawa blamed Misaki who announced to fight in Sengoku, because he believed his contract with Yarennoka! was 2 fights with Akiyama.)

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skip said...

Thanks for the great info Suki! Really looking forward to the first Dream event in March! Although I did like the Hero's name... but ... shoganai