Sunday, April 13, 2008

Yoshida Interview with Kamipro

Hidehiko Yoshida's interview from Kamipro 121.

- 1 week past after the debut event of Sengoku. How's your condition now?
I feel fine. I have pain on my ankle though.
- Did you start your training yet?
Not yet. I want to take a break.
- You lost by his submission. This is your first loss by submission. Did you get any mental damage?
I admit he was strong.
- You trained with him. Did you feel something different?
Yes. It was 6 years ago when we trained together. He was definitely much more powerful than before. I was also tired because I wore the gi.
- Were you really tired?
Yes. I feel so sorry for my fans though. I wish I could do better and have more exciting fight. I tried to escape from his last submission, however, my gi bothered me and I couldn't get out. I was so frustrated. I don't complain about wearing gi because that's what I decided.
- You chose to wear Gi by knowing a merit and demerit.
When I wear gi, it's hard to get out once I was caught. I actually didn't train wearing gi. I was exhausted. I think I made a good decision because I have a pride as a Judo specialist and I knew everybody expected me to wear the gi.
- Josh said this fight was Catch Wrestling vs Judo and Pro Wrestling vs Judo.
Does Catch Wrestling mean Pro Wrestling in English?
- I don't think so, but Josh made a pro wrestling technique called back drop.
I jumped for him. I didn't get much damage from that action. The weight difference worked good for him.
- Your team, J-Rock, supports Sengoku. I guess you felt like a part of this event.
Yes. We created this event all together. I was worried about how much attention we could get. I was glad to see many people came to watch this event though it was weekday night.
- Whose fight impressed you?
I think everybody did good job. I didn't watch Gomi's fight which was right before my fight though.
- Before your opponent was announced, there was a rumor that you fight Roger Gracie.
I heard of that rumor. To be honest with you, I had never heard of him. I heard he was a champion of ADCC.
- You chose Josh. Why?
I picked Josh because he was famous here in Japan. My fight was a main event of the debut event. I needed someone who gets attention.
- Any thought about your next fight?  You continue fighting, right?
We have to create a hero in this event. I will do anything to support a new star. I hope young fighters like Gomi have exciting fight for fans.
- What do you think about DREAM?
Both events do well for Japanese MMA. I wonder why Josh fights in both Pro Wrestling and MMA.
- I guess he sees benefits fighting in both.
I like pro wrestling. Since I started Judo, I put myself in not an entertainment but in a real fight. I don't like when people consider these two as the same. When I retire from MMA and get an offer from pro wrestling events, I will definitely think positive though.
- You were laughing when Fujita and Graham started to fight in the press conference. Why?
I wasn't going to. I didn't know what to do because nobody stop them!
- When is your next fight? in May or in June?
I cannot be ready in May. I guess in June. I don't want to fight anybody now.


Stephen said...

i felt yoshida's pain when barnett kept on putting his weight on his ankle. Ouch!

hugo said...

I'd like to see Kharitonov vs. Barnett.