Monday, April 14, 2008

Aoki Interview with DREAM

DREAM official website posted Shinya Aoki's Interview on Apr 14.

- You fight J.Z.Calvan in DREAM 2. Tell me what you think.
Nothing. I just fight him. This is a decisive battle for me and do my best with my strong motivation.
- How's your neck?
I fight within a month after having a terrible injury which forced me to stop fighting. This fight has a lot of meaning and I want to be ready 100%. My time has been stopping since that night. I'm the only one who can start my time again to move on. I didn't do anything wrong last 2 times. I wonder why we have troubles like this. I'm going to finish this business.
- What do you think about your fight in DREAM1?
I would say that was obviously his foul play. I'm not going to complain about the decision DREAM made now. I and my fans still don't understand why that result turned out like this. It's wasting of my time thinking about my past. Next fight is all I care about.
- How did you spent your time after that fight?
I met many fantastic people including my fans and got many warm messages. Those made me smile when I woke up in the morning. I should be positive. I believe my experience will be a big plus in my career someday.
- I heard your fans requested to see your fight against Calvan.
I'm glad to hear that. No matter what other people think, I want to fight him for myself and that's my dream. If my fans like to see my fight with him, that means they share my dream and fan.
- You have 3 weeks before your fight.
I do my best, so that I won't complain about my performance later. That's all I'm thinking about. I show all I have now and will burn in the ring. I'm not saying I want to win. Please see how I win.
- Are you thinking about fighting on May 11 in DREAM 3?
I win on Apr 29, but not fight on May 11. That's their business and not me. I'm not well-considered person to agree with fighting on May 11. I'm not thinking about a fight after Apr 29. I may fight if I had an easy fight on Apr 29.
- Don't you want a belt?
Not interested in. My next fight has more meaning than a belt.
- Do you have the confidence to win?
Not confidence. I win for sure.


Stephen said...

Aoki looks constipated. lol. jk. Good luck to him against JZ. Hope he pulls off the W, though it wont be easy.

hugo said...

...or he's thinking: "does my tie match my shirt? now i am not certain."

PK said...

thanks for these interviews. it's hard say for sure or not whether aoki got scared and quit, the shot did graze the back of his neck, sometimes it doesn't take much to hurt a person there.

i'm a big fan of both of these fighters and really hope there's a clear outcome next time. it seems though that if there is an outcome, it will be in JZ's favour.

Anonymous said...

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