Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DREAM 2: post fight interview 2

** Kazushi Sakuraba **
- How do you feel now?
I'm tired. Nakahara was very well-balanced fighter. He is only 25 years old and he will be a strong fighter if he trains more. I had to give him a hard time as a senior fighter.
- You had his take downs.
He was good at using the ring and young.
- How did you like fighting in Saitama?
The traffic wasn't bad at all. Audience was great. I can feel sense of unity with my fans whenever I fight here.
- You fight in the 2ND Round, right?
I hope other fighter do their best in their next fight. I'm not in the tournament.
- Sasahara said you won't earn any prize money even if you win.
I'm not talking about money. I don't like the tournament and don't want to be involved in this. Please leave me alone.

** Andrews Nakahara **
- Your tackling and ground techniques were great for your first MMA fight. Did you train a lot?
I didn't have enough time to gain ground techniques. I trained a lot at cutting his tackles. I had a great fight though I lost.
- Are you going to fight in MMA again?
Yes. I learn that it is not easy to win in MMA. I'm appreciative of everybody who supported me, including Mr. Matsui and staff from Gokushin Kaikan, Francisco Filho, my colleagues who trained with me and my family.



hugo said...

saku had me scared. his shoots kept getting squashed at first and it looked like he was going to take a right high kick to the head. nakahara looked fresh and focused. happy he pulled it off in the end. i like the, "please leave me alone" comment.

Osman said...


is it part of sakuraba's sense of humor when he said 'leave me alone' or was he serious?



"I'm not talking about money. I don't like the tournament and don't want to be involved in this. Please leave me alone."

Interesting quote, I thought he was in the tournament, but apparently he is not.

Forrest said...

Sakuraba has said he doesn't like to think about the tournament style because it puts other fights in his head. He's probably just using that as some kind of psychology and screwing with everyone...I expect him to fight in the tournament.

Stephen said...

i wanna see nakahara fight again. He has an interesting style. Best of luck to him.

Suki said...

I think.....
Saku is absolutely in the tournament. Like he said thousands of times, he doesn't like the tournament. He pulls up his motivation by letting himself believe that his fight is one match. He knows he is the tournament but doesn't want to admit that.

Osman said...

sounds like he's performing reverse psychology on himself. Yep, that sounds like sakuraba alright.

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