Saturday, April 5, 2008

DREAM: Announced the rematch of Aoki vs Calvan

DREAM had a press conference to announce 4 fights in the Lightweight tournament 2ND Round and the official result of Aoki vs Calvan on Mar 15.  DREAM decided to do their fight over on Apr 29 and the winner will fight Katsuhiko Nagata in DREAM 3 

Sasahara:  We inspected their fight video with a rule director.  Aoki complained of getting Calvan's elbow to his neck.  As a result of watching their fight carefully again and again, we couldn't tell exactly what happened.  From one side we say Calvan's elbow hit Aoki's neck, and from another side we didn't see that happened.  We also have been requested to have a rematch by the fans.  So we asked both fighters to fight again in DREAM 2 and they consented to our offer.  

Aoki:  I couldn't fight him in NYE and I had a result like that on Mar 15.  I'm so mad and want to complain about many things.  I will put all my anger into my next fight and definitely win.  I will show what I want to say in the ring.  (To a question about his condition) I will be 100% ready in the very day of my fight.  It doesn't matter if I'm training now or not.  I have to be ready for my fight no matter what.  
** He looked like very unpleasant and being irritated, and didn't talk much.  He left after the conference immediately and didn't have an interview with press.

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Entropy said...

Aoki's incredibly slick. It'd be great if he could pull out the win, but I don't see this one ended well again.

By the way your blog is awesome. Also
I've been trying to use google translator to get event tickets for k1, dream, etc and its so annoying. Maybe in the future I'll shoot you an email when i try to score some.