Thursday, April 24, 2008

Aoki had Zazen training

Shinya Aoki had Zazen training in Shinjyuku Chuo Park in front of many press people. He sat down with folding his legs and hands, closed his eyes and started to meditate. Saeki was also there to supervise and told him to calm the body and the mind. 5 min. after he started, he opened his eyes and screamed that he was getting a good energy and ran around the park.

According to Saeki, Aoki started Zazen training since the press conference on April 4th. He does this for 30 min. everyday. Aoki said, "Many things happened, however, I started Zazen to calm down and remove my emotions. I did all I had to do and the only thing I have to do is adjustment." He was asked why he chose this park today and said, "The reason why I chose not a temple but this park is I will be a homeless if I lose. I have no schedule after April 29 so far. I don't even think about the 2R. I will have a good result on April 29 and clean up my past." He saw his fight video in DREAM 1 and was asked about his opinion. "Thought I look bad in the beginning, I was cool at the end. After this fight, I will be a God child. "

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