Tuesday, April 29, 2008

DREAM 2: post fight interview 1

** Shinya Aoki **
- Tell me how you feel now.
I wanted to finish this battle smiling at the end. I had hard time and many things which I couldn't agree with last month. Now I'm happy thanks to support from my colleagues and staff.
- What do you think about your fight?
I enjoyed a lot dealing with his powerful punches. I really had fun fighting him and didn't even know what the result was going to be.
- What was your game plan?
I was going to take him on the ground. I believe I have the best guard skills on the ground in the world. I had confidence that I could win if I took him to the ground.
- Did Calvan move as you expected?
Yes. He fought as I thought. He was going to punch me, take down, and punch from the top position. He believed he could finish me by punching because I was not good at taking punches. Well, all he did was what exactly I expected though.
- What do you think about your opponent in 2R?
I cannot think about the 2R now. Please consider of my feeling. I just finish fighting.
- You got his leg in the 1ST round.
I thought I could finish him because I got his bad leg. He escaped and I missed his leg though.
- Calvan didn't stick with fighting in the standing position. Do you think because he was injured his knee?
Ask Calvan. I think he had pressure to fight in the standing position because he knew I was good in the standing from our last fight.
- Could you stay calm during your fight?
Yes. I'm a man who has a common sense and calm down.
- Did you feel any danger?
I got an extremely strong pounding when I tried to get his achilles tendon. I was dying at that moment.
- You had a face lock at the corner. What were you going to do after that?
I was going to finish him by that face lock to revenge what he did to my neck. I cannot survive if I got that, although he trains hard and that didn't work on him.
- You finally finished this business. At the same time, you defeated a HERO'S champion. What do you think?
It is 2 years since I started to live by fighting. I feel like I'm finally independent. Before this fight, I depend on Saeki and other Yarennoka staff, and Saeki helped me to live. All hardship I suffered was paid off today. I got an energy to survive no matter what difficulty I face in my future. I had a great fight. It was great day today. I'm happy and thank you for all of your support!

** J.Z. Calvan **
- What do you think about your fight?
It was good fight. I could do my best.
- Was Fighting on the ground a part of your game plan?
Yes. I was going to do anything either on the ground or in the standing position.
- Why do you think you lost?
I thought I won.
- Do you disagree with the judge?
Aoki controlled the fight well today.
- He submitted your arms.
I have an excellent flexibility and didn't think he could submit me.
- Do you have any damage on your leg? Aoki said he heard the sound of breaking something.
I didn't hear anything. His grappling skills is the world top level.
- I saw you had a taping on your knee.
I don't want to say anything about my knee. Once I got in the ring, I forget about my knee.

** Taiei Kin **
- What do you think about your fight?
Minowaman was a real professional wrestler and good at handling my punches well.
- You had good control kicking him.
I could give kicks to his face, stomach and legs. I could only give 2 kicks in row and not more than that though I tired. I couldn't sleep well and I wasn't good at adjusting my weight this time.
- Why couldn't you sleep last night?
I was excited to see his entrance performance. I slept only 3 hours and I wasn't in a good condition at all.
- Who would you like to fight next?
I have no idea now.
- Do you still want to fight in K-1 Japan?
Yes. I want to fight in either Japan GP or Asia GP. Minowaman was an extraordinary fighter.



Osman said...

thanks for the translation suki, your the best!

i hope calvan and aoki have a rematch in the future and next time i dont want to see any tape on calvan's leg.


I'm pretty sure we'll see another rematch. One of the best fights I've seen go to decision in some time. I thought for sure Aoki would get a tap out of JZ a couple times. Gritty performances by both.

Nam said...

thanks for the translations suki. i come here often to check up on the latest news an interviews. you're a great source.